About Me

        A professional writer is an amateur who didn’t quit. 

The only thing I was certain in life is to play the role of explorer, the role of a frantic evangelist, the one who doesn’t only used his eyes for seeing things but the one who possess a total different loving yet devilish vision for this whole world. yes, I belong to that crowd which is different, who carry the  zeal to explore and dreams to realize, I belong to those people who dementedly wants to live every ounce of life they have. I belong to the swarm whose life is judged by the profound and consuming passion for things, for traveling, for dancing and eating the best food of all times, the one who derives immeasurable fulfillment and happiness from the words created by them.  I belong to them.

I am a left-handed writer who loves to explore things, who enjoy every single gift of life and uninterruptedly indulge in gleaning the things which inspire me, question me, interest me and most imperatively make me fall in love with them.

Professional Introduction 

I am a professional content writer, PR, storyteller, and social media marketer from India. I write fiction, non-fiction, and unique storytelling for startups and companies. From past three years, I have been working for different national and international clients, websites, web design companies, publications as a Content head and Social media manager.

One of the treasure Quote-
Be still and look at the depth of your soul, look what you see, glean what you should. You are both shallow and filled, munificent and menace, funny and devilish, 
And trust me, It will always be on you what you want to cherish.


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